Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones discuss their partnership with BlessingWhite [1.5 mins]

The Leadership Work-Out

Organizations want more leadership, more initiative. But leadership isn’t easy. It requires focus and practice.

Why Should Anyone Be Led by YOU? provides managers at all levels with the opportunity to challenge themselves: to step up and to embrace the challenges of leading others to exceptional performance and delivering exceptional business results.

Leaders experience a real work-out — a demanding, intense session with a demanding coach — one that delivers results. They make progress on critical business challenges through a series of feedback, peer coaching, and group discussions. The outcome: An actionable plan that will make a difference to their success – and their organization’s.

To silence a room of executives, ask them, “Why would anyone want to be led by you?”

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones have studied this question for the better part of a decade, writing a Harvard Business Review article and best-seller of the same name.

Now BlessingWhite can help your leaders put Goffee and Jones’ findings into practice.

Great Leadership Excites People to Exceptional Performance

Successful leaders modify their behavior to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter – while simultaneously remaining true to who they are. They produce results by being crystal clear on their unique differentiators and by addressing the four critical needs of their followers:

Community: Followers long for a sense of belonging, to feel part of something bigger. Leaders must help them connect to others (not just to the leaders themselves) as well as to the overarching purpose of the organization.

Authenticity: Followers choose to be led by humans not titles or credentials. Leaders must be able to identify and deploy their personal differences, foibles, and strengths to inspire employees to apply their energy and talents.

Significance: Followers want to believe their efforts matter. Leaders need to recognize contributions in a meaningful way, with highly personalized feedback.

Excitement: Followers need a spark to trigger their exceptional performance. Leaders who articulate their own passion, values, and vision provide the energy and enthusiasm employees hunger for.

Successful leaders can answer the question “Why should anyone be led by you?” with confidence.

An Engaging Development Approach

Why Should Anyone Be Led by YOU? is grounded in the research and thought leadership of professors Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones. BlessingWhite’s 35-plus years of experience with thousands of clients worldwide ensures that this blended learning experience is engaging, relevant, sustainable, flexible and effective.

We will work with you to create a mix of consulting, content, and tools to reflect your organization’s most pressing business priorities, culture, and workforce.

Key Concepts

“The main body of leadership literature focuses on the characteristics of leaders. This gives it a strong psychological bias. It sees leadership qualities as inherent to the individual. The underlying assumption is that leadership is something we do to other people. But in our view, leadership should be seen as something we do with other people. Leadership must always be viewed as a relationship between the leader and the led. …There are no universal leadership characteristics. What works for one leader will not work for another.”
– Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones
Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

The CASE Framework… A practical way for leaders to understand the needs of their followers (community, authenticity, significance, and excitement) and re-evaluate their approach to leadership

Be Yourself – More – With Skill…four authentic leadership practices:

  • Become a Situational Sensor
  • Know and Show Yourself Enough
  • Get Close but Keep Your Distance
  • Communicate with Care

Engaging Methodology

  • An online learning component to make the most of leaders’ face-to-face action learning experience
  • An intensive working session in which short bursts of learning alternate with in-depth business issue analysis and concept application
  • A simple online feedback process that offers a reality check on the needs of leaders’ followers and focuses leaders’ personal development strategies
  • Peer coaching and community building

Culture-Building Capabilities

  • Expert consulting on organization-wide implementations
  • An online community for leaders to share ideas and lessons learned
  • An online resource center so leaders can access tools from the working session, view reinforcement videos, and solicit additional feedback from followers
  • An ongoing stream of fresh, useful content and coaching tips
  • Follow-up webinars providing in-depth exploration of key concepts
  • A copy of the best-selling Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?
  • Learning coaches to work with leaders one-on-one after the action learning experience
  • CASE coach certification for your trainers or line leaders by BlessingWhite’s senior consultants to ensure cost-effective implementation and ongoing performance coaching
  • Inspirational keynotes by BlessingWhite’s top speakers and/or Goffee or Jones


Throughout Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? leaders work on their own strategic business challenges. At the end of the working session they will have a detailed strategy for “being themselves -- more -- with skill” to excite exceptional performance of their teams and colleagues. Since they will have practiced and fine-tuned the application of that strategy to their business challenges, the impact on the job is immediate.

  • By taking part in this unique development process, leaders will be able to continuously:
  • Assess the needs of their followers and modify their leadership approach appropriately
  • Deploy their personal values, strengths, and even weaknesses to maximize their effectiveness as a leader
  • Size up situations and adapt their leadership behavior without losing their unique differentiators to drive results
  • Build a thriving community of aligned, engaged team members
  • Communicate more effectively by considering not only their audience’s needs but also the communication vehicles through which they, personally, are most effective
  • Tap into a peer leadership community and expand their influence beyond their teams

10 Reasons to Choose Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

What Leaders Have to Say About Their Experience
  • “Fantastic experience, compelling content.”
  • “I will return to the office and begin leveraging what I have learned immediately because we used a live project in the learning process.”
  • “The model is easy to understand, implement and exercise. The CASE framework put much needed structure around the concept of leadership.”
  • You feel like you have too many managers and not enough leaders
  • Your managers need to drive change, not react to it
  • You need to accelerate development of high-potential leaders
  • Your diverse cadre of leaders needs a flexible leadership approach, not a lock-step formula
  • You want to create a high-performance culture and common leadership language
  • You want to equip smart, competent leaders to inspire workforce commitment and action
  • You want to establish a solid leadership pipeline
  • Training in leadership skills has not delivered the results you need
  • You can’t wait for leaders to make the bridge between their learning experience and their work
  • Your complex business and multigenerational workforce demand more than cookie-cutter leaders