"In this marvelous book, Professors Goffee and Jones have demystified the magic of great leadership."

– Richard Boyatzis, Author of Resonant Leadership

"To anyone familiar with run-of-the-mill leadership books, this work will come as a breath of fresh air."

– Financial Times


Gareth Jones on Authentic Leadership [2.5 mins]

Rob Goffee introduces the concepts of skillful leadership - be yourself more, with skill [1.5 mins]

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The Book

Why should anyone be led by you? At the start of the Millennium, our research was driven by this single, simple question. It had an impact. Audiences throughout the world paused for thought. Rooms fell silent as people pondered their right to lead. An article in the Harvard Business Review with the question as its title drew a flood of communication and launched us on a five-year journey.

Since then, we have talked to hundreds of leaders and their followers within the business world and beyond – from CEOs of multinational corporations to teachers and nurses. What we learned is that to be a leader, you need vision, purpose and energy. But, to be a great leader you need to understand your differences – your strengths and weaknesses – and, crucially, how to adapt these qualities to context.

This is a book whose genesis was driven by a question, but it is one whose fruition, we believe, provides real answers to the leadership dilemmas we face. If you are serious about leadership, don't try to be someone else: Be yourself – more – with skill.

Read the first chapter of Rob and Gareth's book, Why Should Anyone Be Led by YOU?